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Other Animal Requisites

Dairygold Co-op stores carry a significant range of farm requisites based on a detailed understanding of our market, our customers’ needs and the technical specifications of products required to meet these needs. Subject to some seasonality, the main farm requisites ranges are available “off the shelf” at our co-op stores. From top branded products to generic options, from highly specified to lower cost options, we can meet your needs. We have over the years developed many “own brands” such as Dairygold Quality Grass Seeds, Prime Elite 25 plus calf milk replacer, Prime Coarse Calf Starter etc. Talk to us today and let us take you through our range of options in whatever requisites product group you need.

6' Galvanised Hay Rack
Other Animal Requisites
  • Suitable for calf and sheep
  • 75x50mm mesh
  • Hanging brackets: 40 x 5mm flat
  • 12mm round solid support bars
  • Fully galvanised
Tinsley Mild Steel Sheep Wire Medium 524/6 2Ft
Other Animal Requisites

Field wire usually contains conductors and high-tensile-strength strands serving as strength members ideal for farmyard fencing.

  • Suitable for containing life stock ideal as a barrier to protect gaps under a hedge
  • The Tinsley/Rylock Green brand is designed to give exceptional performance quality & longevity. The distinctive green coating is an anti-corrosive which gives additional protection against atmospheric corrosive agents. In practice you can expect Green to last over three times longer than traditional galvanized fence
  • 50M roll
Farm Clipper 10.8V Rechargeable Battery (Includes 2nd Battery)
Other Animal Requisites

The new battery-powered shearer designed for horses or cattle boasts exceptional value for money

  • The supplied package includes two 10.8 Volt Lithium ion block batteries, which allow uninterrupted clipping thanks to their optimised operating and charging times
  • The clipper is equipped with our premium shearing blades which, thanks to their optimised geometry, ensure easy shearing and an improved clipping pattern
  • The ergonomic characteristics of the FarmClipper Recgargable are also plain to see: the special surface properties of the housing shells and the balanced centre of gravity prevent the user from tiring too quickly
  • The size of the plastic shells also means that even small hands can be sure of a firm grip on the shearer
  • The Farm Clipper Rechargeable is a clipper with fantastic all-round properties, equipped with Supra clipping blades and boasting excellent handling
Hoof Hoist
Other Animal Requisites

A simple portable hoof hoist, invented by a Veterinary surgeon and an engineer, which makes hoof care a one man operation.

  • This hoof hoist which is 30” 750mm long and weighs only 30lbs 13.5KGs can be used with a normal cattle crush as well as in milking parlours.
  • Totally one man operation – Easily transported when folded over so as to be useful to Veterinary surgeons, hoof care experts and farmers
  • Solidly constructed, all in one piece – can be used in cattle crushes and milking parlours which are familiar places for cattle
  • Very useful also for teat and udder treatment
  • Economical – costs only a fraction of other similar equipment. Replacement spring number tin 00708
Infra Red Bulb Protector Pig 410
Other Animal Requisites

Infrared bulb protector

  • GS-tested
  • Aluminium shade
  • 8 vents for longer lifespan
  • Chain for attachment max load 20KG
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