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Milk Advisory

Dairygold’s milk advisory service is available to all Milk Suppliers, to help meet the quality parameters outlined in the Milk Purchasing Terms and Conditions. The advice furnished by the advisory service is given in good faith, however the Milk Supplier is solely responsible for the management of his/her Milk Production Enterprise.


The following are the weekend on-call arrangements for emergency milk issues:
Month Date Advisor Mobile Number
April 3rd – 4th – 5th William Ryan (086) 2461633
10th – 11th Ray Ryan (087) 1151453
17th – 18th Thomas Hayes (087) 7153041
24th – 25th Maeve O’ Connor (086) 8354808
May 1st – 2nd – 3rd Denis Guiry (086) 8098639
8th – 9th William Ryan (086) 2461633
15th – 16th Ray Ryan (087) 1151453
22nd – 23rd Thomas Hayes (087) 7153041
29th – 30th Denis Guiry (086) 8098639
June 5th – 6th – 7th Maeve O’ Connor (086) 8354808
12th – 13th William Ryan (086) 2461633
19th – 20th Ray Ryan (087) 1151453
26th – 27th Thomas Hayes (087) 7153041
July 4th/5th Denis Guiry (086) 8098639
11th/12th Maeve O’ Connor (086) 8354808
18th/19th William Ryan (086) 2461633
25th/26th Ray Ryan (087) 1151453
August 31st – 1st – 2nd Thomas Hayes (087) 7153041
7th – 8th Denis Guiry (086) 8098639
14th – 15th Maeve O’ Connor (086) 8354808
21st – 22nd William Ryan (086) 2461633
28th – 29th Ray Ryan (087) 1151453
September 4th – 5th Thomas Hayes (087) 7153041
11th – 12th Denis Guiry (086) 8098639
18th – 19th Maeve O’ Connor (086) 8354808
25th -26th William Ryan (086) 2461633
October 2nd – 3rd Thomas Hayes (087) 7153041
9th – 10th Denis Guiry (086) 8098639
16th -17th Maeve O’ Connor (086) 8354808
23rd – 24th – 25th Ray Ryan (087) 1151453
30th – 31st William Ryan (086) 2461633
November 6th – 7th Thomas Hayes (087) 7153041
13th – 14th Denis Guiry (086) 8098639
20th – 21st Maeve O’ Connor (086) 8354808
27th – 28th Ray Ryan (087) 1151453
December 4th – 5th William Ryan (086) 2461633
11th – 12th Thomas Hayes (087) 7153041
18th -19th Denis Guiry (086) 8098639
26th/27th Maeve O’ Connor (086) 8354808
28th/29th Ray Ryan (087) 1151453
30th/31st William Ryan (086) 2461633
January 1st – 2nd 2022 Thomas Hayes (087) 7153041




Contact Milk Advisor

Contact Area Sales Manager

Farm Focus

Dairygold Milk Advisory Service

At Dairygold, we work closely with our milk suppliers, providing a comprehensive range of services and support to ensure sustainability and improvements at farm level in the short and long term. Our mission is to assist milk suppliers in the Society to ensure a consistent supply of high quality milk.


Dairygold personnel will provide consultation and assistance where required to Milk Suppliers on:

  • Milk assembly and collection
  • Laboratory testing
  • Milk payments
  • Mastitis Control Programme
  • Milk recording advice
  • Dairy herd performance reports (ICBF)
  • Herd health
  • Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme (SDAS)
  • Lean Farm Programme
  • Ensure animal health cert submitted
  • Dairy hygiene inspection(s)
  • Facilitate milk supplier in the maintenance of quality milk supply
  • Dairygold –Teagasc joint programme (Farm Monitor and Discussion Group)

For all milk related queries and weekend contact numbers please contact the helpdesk on 1890 200840. At all other times contact your milk advisor for help and advice (telephone numbers are published in the Society Farm newsletter each month and on the MyMilk App and on It is vitally important to ensure that Dairygold Co-Op Society has your correct mobile phone number.



The National Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme (SDAS) was launched by Bord Bia in December 2013 with the support of the Irish Dairy Industry. This independently accredited Scheme demonstrates the quality and sustainability of our dairy produce right back to the farm where the milk is produced. The scheme replaces the existing Dairygold farm audits (for Suppliers who are certified) and it also satisfies the Society’s regulatory and commercial requirements.

Dairygold and the Industry as a whole, believe, for the SDAS Scheme to deliver the maximum benefits from the marketplace and to meet the expectations of key customers, full certification of all Milk Suppliers is essential.

Preparation for SDAS

The following table is a reminder of the 10 most common items to be aware of when preparing for the SDAS audit. The Dairygold Milk Advisory Team is available to offer help and advice in relation to any and all aspects of the scheme. If you have any queries in relation to the scheme, please contact your local Milk Advisor or our lo call help desk on 1890-200-840.


Milk Testing

Samples Scanned & Assembled Nightly in Mallow

Stored in Cold room Tests each day are based on a testing schedule:

  • Fat/Protein/Lactose/SCC
  • Sediment
  • T.B.C.
  • Thermoduric
  • Antibiotics
  • Added Water
  • TCM

Bar Code Identification of milk samples


Herd Health Programme driven by Munster AI Vets

  • Dairygold Milk Payment Lab is accredited to ISO 17025.
  • The Dairygold Herd Health Lab first received accreditation in January 2012.  (This line should be taken out now. The whole lab is covered by the above statement)
  • The auditing authority is INAB
  • Testing at least 8 times per month where milk supply allows for; Butterfat, Protein, Lactose & SCC, with a target of 10 times per month. (Milk Payment Terms & Conditions)
  • Elisia Testing for Dairygold / Munster A.I. Herd health schemes.
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