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Analytical Services Laboratory

The Dairygold Analytical Services Laboratory opened in 1987, and received INAB accreditation in 1989, the first in our industry to do so. We have maintained and expanded this accreditation for almost 30 years and aim to further develop our best in class services. In 1987, we started with proximate analysis in feedstuffs and grain and have quickly extended to a comprehensive range of forage and soil analysis. Recommendations and advisory services can also be offered on the results. In December 2017, after considerable investment, we moved to a state of the art facility and are now equipped to analyse the full range of trace elements, pesticides, residues, toxins, vitamins etc. We chose to undertake this expansion to cater for the growing needs in the agricultural, environmental and consumer industry.

INAB Accreditation:

INAB is based on compliance with international standards assuring all testing is done with competence, impartiality and integrity.

INAB accreditation ensures that certificates and test results are acceptable worldwide.

Accreditation is used to identify companies competent for the implementation of government regulations. Organisations can save time and money by selecting an accredited laboratory.

To view the Dairygold Analytical Services Laboratory scope of accreditation visit

Services at a Glance:

SOIL ANALYSIS: pH, Phosphorus, Potassium, Trace Elements, Organic Matter, Fertiliser Plans.

GRAIN ANALYSIS: Quality Analysis, Pesticides Residues.

FORAGE ANALYSIS: Grass, Silage, Wholecrop, Pulses.

NUTRITIONAL ANALYSIS: Proximate Analysis, Macro Minerals, Undesirable Substances, Pesticide Residues, Chlortetracyline, Mycotoxins.

Other Analysis Available on Request! – Contact the Laboratory on 022 31580

Test your grass silage now, see below video or click here for more info.

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Farm Focus

Soil Analysis
Soil Analysis

Soil Analysis

INAB accredited and recognized by the department of Agriculture, Food and Marine.

Comprehensive results and recommendations provided.

90% of Irish Soils are at suboptimal pH

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Grain Analysis
Grain Analysis

Grain Analysis

INAB accredited.

Quick, efficient and comprehensive testing.

Comparative proficiency tested laboratory to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

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Forage Analysis
Forage Analysis

Forage Analysis

Quick, reliable and comprehensive testing.

Members of the Forage Analysis Assurance (FAA) group and proficiency scheme.

Feeding recommendations provided.

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