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The Facts on Applying Lime

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Time to Get Your Silage Tested, Here’s How With Dairygold

Dairygold Agri Business have silage testing available, where either individuals can take their silage samples themselves or a Sampler can be sent out on farm to take samples using a…

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Replenish Land After Taking Out Surplus Bales

Liam Stack, M.Agr.Sc, Ruminant Technical Manager After taking out surplus grass as bales, it’s important to replace what we’ve taken out in terms of N, P + K to ensure…

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How to Make Good Quality Bales

The principles of making baled silage are the same as pit silage: 1) Remove all air and maintain air-free through to feedout 2) Reduce silage pH (level determined by the…

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Good Quality Silage Starts with Good Quality Grass

Testing grass before cutting for silage is crucial and has a direct effect on silage quality. Farmers should target a High Sugar content and Low Nitrogen content when harvesting. As…

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Mid Season Fertiliser Requirements

Fertiliser Requirements mid-season. The capability of grass to grow is compromised if its requirements for major elements such as Phosphorus, Potassium and Sulphur are not met. Phosphorus Requirements: Do you…

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How higher DMD silage can save you money

Catherine Hurley, B.Ag.Sc. What is the country’s largest and most important harvest? Tillage farmers might disagree, but the answer is grass, the crop that is the staple diet for the…

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I have not made a 2nd cut of grass silage, what can I do?

Click Read More to see what options are available to you if you have not yet made a second cut of silage. Dairygold have also developed a tool to calculate the amount of silage that you could potentially preserve from August to October by feeding extra concentrates to lower feed demand which is available to download.

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How much grass silage will wholecrop silage replace?

Diarmuid O’Riordan IASIS, TMR Area Sales Manager with Dairygold Agri Business gives a breakdown of how much grass silage your crop of wholecrop silage will replace. Click Read More to see if wholecrop can be fed to dry cows, the value of wholecrop silage vs grass silage and the requirements to meet the milking cows needs.

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Dairygold Grass Extender Options

Dairygold Nutritionist Colman Purcell has given an outline of the grass and fodder extender options available through Dairygold Agribusiness. Please click Read More to see options available to you.

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