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Managing a reseed

Managing a reseed

Our main aim with post sowing managements are:

  1. Establish the new ley, 2. Encourage tillering, 3. Prevent weed establishment

It can take up to 12 months for the new crop to fully establish. You can start to graze your new ley once the grass roots are strong enough to pass the pull test.

Grazing light covers (800-1000kgDM/ha 7-8cm) frequently encourages tillering as it allows more light to penetrate to the base of the sward.

By encouraging tillering you are creating greater competition for the weeds for light.  Greater tillering is an important weapon in our war on new ley weed establishment.

We should try your best to prevent high covers from developing.

Weed control:

All reseeds should get a herbicide within c. 6-8 weeks after reseeding. This is the easiest and most cost effect time to control docks, thistles and chickweed, etc.

At all times we must be responsible with our use of chemicals:

We must:

  • Choose the right pesticide product
  • Read and follow the product label
  • Buying and applying the correct amount
  • Not spraying if rain or strong winds are forecast in the next 48 hours
  • Make sure you are aware of the location of all nearby water courses
  • Comply with any buffer zone specified on the product label to protect the aquatic environment. Mark out the specified buffer zone from the edge of the river or lake or other water course
  • Never filling a sprayer directly from a water course or carry out mixing, loading or other handling operations beside a water course
  • Avoid spills, stay well back from open drains and rinse empty containers 3 times into the sprayer
  • Store and disposing of pesticides and their containers properly


Product Clover Safe? Rate
Clover safe without chickweed Hygeia DB Plus / Clovermax 10L Yes 7ltrs/Ha
NOT clover safe Pasture Trio/Esteem* No 1l/ha
NOT clover safe Envy No 1.5l/ha
NOT clover safe Hurler/Reaper/Echo Pro No 1ltr/Ha

*PastureTrio/Esteem is not licensed for use on new leys after the 31st of August or on established grassland after the 30th September