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What is Digest-It?
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What is Digest-It?

DIGEST-IT® is a microbial inoculant added to slurry.


  • increases nutrient recovery, improving the fertiliser value of slurry,
  • reduces ammonia emissions and odours, • breaks down solids, reducing the time required to agitate and pump slurry,
  • grows more, better quality grass, by improving soil health.


Slurry is a valuable fertiliser resource, making better use of slurry is a crucial initiative in our drive towards carbon neutral farming. To make better use of slurry and to limit its environmental losses we need to compost it.

Composting is a microbial process that converts dead vegetative matter into a living organic plant food that improves soil health. Dung composts naturally over time when exposed to air. The lack of oxygen in slurry tanks makes this process more challenging.

DIGEST-IT® provides composting microbes that can operate without oxygen and the nutrients needed to maximise their actions.


Reduced Slurry Ammonia with DIGEST-IT®

Devenish in conjunction with Wageningen University conducted trials in 2021 on DIGEST-IT®.

The trials show a continued and sustained reduction in the concentration of ammonia gas from slurry when treated with Digest It.


Digest-It – 80% Ammonia reduction from slurry


Increase slurry Nutrient content with DIGEST-IT®

Over a 4-month period in Dowth, County Meath DIGEST-IT® increased total slurry N by 30%. If you’re applying 3000 gals of slurry per acre this is equivalent to an extra 1/3 of a bag of CAN.

During this research programme it was also found that digest-it reduce slurry ammonium and increased total P and K levels.



Reduced crusting, aggetation time with DIGEST-IT®

Slurry store pre-treatment with DIGEST-IT®


Slurry store three months post-treatment with DIGEST-IT®


Grow more Grass with DIGEST-IT®:

5 year average increase of 18% in first cut silage, which equates to 1.1 tonne DM/ Ha, worth €250* extra per ha on farm.


Application rate of DIGEST-IT®

1 litre treats 5,000 gallons (22,500 litres) of slurry

20 litres treats 100,000 gallons (450,000 litres) of slurry


For more information please contact our inside sales team on 022-31644 or your local area sales manager.

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