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Know Your Dates! Fertiliser Register Is Now Open!

Know Your Dates! Fertiliser Register Is Now Open!

The Veterinary Medicinal Products, Medicated Feed and Fertilizer Regulation Bill 2023 is now signed into law. It has passed all stages of the Oireachtas and has been signed by the President.

It is important to be aware of the key dates in relation to the register to ensure compliance with the requirements of the register going forward. The Department of Agriculture has outlined some timelines of the register which have been summarized in relation to Dairygold as below:


Key Date: Note:
Since 24th July 2023- Farmer Registration has now opened through
1st September 2023- Dairygold All fertilizer data is required to be recorded from September 1st by Dairygold for the purpose of reporting.
15th September 2023-14th October 2023-Farmer Declaration of closing stocks opens on the 15th of Sept.

As a farmer you have until 23:59 on the 14th of October 2023 to confirm your closing stocks.

If you have no stock, you are still required to declare an opening stock of nil.

15th December 2023 and monthly thereafter- Dairygold September- November sales data must be submitted by Dairygold to DAFM by December 15th.

Dairygold are required to transfer the previous month’s sales data to DAFM each month thereafter. e.g. March purchases need to be submitted by 15th of April.


Understanding the Fertiliser Register

The Fertiliser Register, launched by the Irish government, is a comprehensive database that records and tracks the usage of fertilizers by farmers across the country. The register aims to provide accurate and up-to-date information about the type, quantity, and timing of fertilizer application on individual farms. This information is then utilized to monitor and manage nutrient usage, evaluate environmental impact, and promote more sustainable agricultural practices.

To learn more about the register and read the most common FAQs you can contact your local ASM today or go to the DAFM link here: – National Fertiliser Database (


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