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Hi Pro ECO LAC Dairy

Hi Pro ECO LAC Dairy

By Susan Casey, B.Agr.Sc, Area Sales Manager

Hi-Pro ECO LAC is designed around the core values that extend right throughout the Dairygold quality feeds range. It is:

– High in UFL, energy is the first limiting factor in animal nutrition.

– Has a high inclusion of maize meal and digestible fibres, to complement grazed grass, maintaining rumen function and maximise the levels of milk protein produced. With autumn grass being low in sugars, a high level of maize meal is very important for driving on milk protein %.

– Has a good PDI balance to maximise milk production

– Has a high inclusion of trace minerals and vitamins included pro-rata with the calmag

– Contains Agolin, a natural rumen modifier that increases yield.


Agolin is a blend of high quality plant active ingredients that alters the rumen bacterial population to lower methane emission, increase milk yield and improve cow fertility. It has been certified by the carbon trust to reduce enteric methane emissions in cattle by 10% per day (+/- 4%) and by 14.4% per litre fat corrected milk.

How it works:

Energy lost as methane can account for up to 8% of the gross energy you feed your cows. Preventing or lowering this loss makes more of this potential feed energy available for your cows. Your cow can then use this extra energy to:

– produce more milk,

– maintain body condition score,

– go back in calf.