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Dairygold Prime Milk Replacer Range

  The key ingredient in Dairygold’s Prime Elite calf milk replacer range is Imunopro®, a concentrated Whey Protein, is carefully balanced to ensure the optimum level of amino acids, fatty…

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Pre Calver Gold Mineral 2022

Over the past number of seasons, we have seen a growing number of milk fevers at farm level. Milk fever is a gateway disorder. Cows that suffer from milk fever…

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Final N fertiliser application of the year

The aim of the final N fertilizer application of the year is boost grass growth in order to build grass covers for the Autumn. With the forecasted weekend rain, conditions…

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Feeding Cattle at grass

Once cattle are housed for fattening, the cost per kg of live weight gain increases by up to 50% compared to grass-based finishing. Finishing cattle need to be kept gaining…

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Managing P and K requirements after silage

The maintenance P and K requirements of a paddock in any given year will depend on the yield of the paddock and weather the paddock was primarily grazed or if…

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Don’t miss out on a potential €13,500 additional milk revenue

  Year to date our average cow has produced c.4000 ltrs of milk.  There is a lot of valuable milk yet to flow.  With a 3 % weekly decline from…

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Managing a reseed

Our main aim with post sowing managements are: Establish the new ley, 2. Encourage tillering, 3. Prevent weed establishment It can take up to 12 months for the new crop…

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Building Grass across the month of September

Grass Growth in August was poor, a lot of farms now find themselves behind target for grass as we start the month of September.  We need to build grass covers…

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ACT NOW to match grass supply with growth

In times of slowed grass growth, we need to cut grass demand to ensure we keep a minimum cover of grass on our farm, that we maintain cow intakes and…

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Heat Stress

Heat stress Heat stress is most marked when it comes in short bursts with no time for the cow to adapt to the rising temperatures. When heat stressed: A cows’…

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