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The status of soil chemical health

Soil chemical health is on the decline.  2022 was poorer than 2021 and 2023 results have shown a further decline since 2022.  On soil P index, in 2023 we had…

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Milk Proteins

After a poor spring for milk proteins it is imperative now that we make steady gains to year end. Milk proteins in week 20 2024 were 0.1% lower than the…

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Peak Milk, Peak Profits: Boosting Dairy Profits in 2024

Efficient milk production from grass-fed cows is a significant challenge for dairy farmers this Spring according to Philip O’Connor, Head of Farm Supports, ifac. However, with careful management and tactical…

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Advice for Damaged Paddocks

With the wet spring some damage may have been done to paddock. Minor poaching In minor poaching cases, the plant is able to repair itself reasonably quickly and tiller density…

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First cut silage fertiliser

We need to consider the compounds we are using on our silage grounds. Overall Soil chemical health is poor, with only 20% of our soil’s optimum for pH, P and…

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Fertiliser for Grazing

The forecast is improving and the weather for the coming week looks dry and warm. There is a lot of grass in place to be grazed but we need to…

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Fodder Event & Bulk Feed Offer Extended

        In times like these, when the challenges of poor weather and a fodder crisis weigh heavily on your shoulders, we want you to know that Dairygold…

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Dairygold Agribusiness helping you overcome the current weather challenges

        Heavy rain has made grazing conditions next to impossible in the short-term.  The forecast for the coming week is showery with little improvement expected in ground…

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Early Lactation Nutrition

    The ultimate goals from early lactation nutrition are : Feeding your cow to get her back in calf as quick as possible Feeding your cow hold milk protein…

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Low Milk Protein

    Milk proteins at farm level are currently approaching the yearly low point for milk protein.   Every 0.1% increase in milk protein annually is worth c.€5000 for the…

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