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Tackling Lameness with the Provita Hoofsure Range

Tackling Lameness with the Provita Hoofsure Range

Lameness is now a major challenge in Irish dairy herds.

Digital dermatitis (DD), more commonly known as Mortellaro, is an infectious condition and one of the major causes of lameness reducing milk yield, fertility, mobility and feed intake.

A 2015 study was conducted on ten dairy farms in Ireland and showed that 89% of cows had lesions on their hind feet, 11.8% had lesions on their front feet and only in 6.9% of cows were no lesions found. This infectious condition spreads quickly through the herd and can reduce milk yield by at least one litre per cow per day. The overall cost is estimated to be €10,000 per 100 cows in a herd.

It is very important that controlling and treating lameness is a top priority. It is extremely critical that farmers can monitor DD on their farm, and can use footbaths correctly to help tackle the problem. This helps to reduce the incidence of new infections and improve the condition of the hoof. For maximum results it is recommended to footbath during every milking.

Provita Animal Health can offer support for different levels of DD as it should be tackled in various ways. The full Hoofsure range by Provita includes three products.


Hoofsure Endurance

Hoofsure Endurance is a footbath solution, scientifically proven proprietary blend of organic acids, essential oils and wetting agents. It is a safe, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and biodegradable product, which can be easily disposed into a slurry pit or lagoon. This product should be used at a 1% dilution rate for maintenance and a 2%+ dilution rate in more difficult conditions.

Hoofsure Endurance can be used as a 25% topical spray in conjunction with or as an alternative to footbathing. This involves 4 simple steps:


  1. Clean feet if necessary
  2. Do not overfill the sprayer, leave at least 2 litres space at the top. If overfilled and/or over pumped the sprayer will be damaged.
  3. Spray feet with Provita Hoofsure Endurance (1part product to 3 parts water).
  4. Apply three consecutive days in a row.


Hoofsure Konquest

Hoofsure Konquest is a scientifically proven proprietary concentrated gel, for topical application. It can be used with a hoof bandage. Use this on more difficult cases of DD. Hoofsure Combat is a unique film-forming hoof spray containing a proprietary blend of organic acids and essential oils, providing persistent longer lasting activity


Branch Workshops

In the months of February and March Provita will be providing a technical advisor to be available in a branch near you to offer free advice on lameness. Click Here to see the available dates. There is no need to book in, just call in on the day.

The Provita Hoofacre range is available from co-opsuperstores branches. Contact your nearest Area Sales Manager for more information.