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Spread Nitrogen Now to Maximise Grazing Season

Spread Nitrogen Now to Maximise Grazing Season

Pasturebase data has shown us that its not uncommon for many dairy farmers to end up with a lower supply of grass than they would like entering into the autumn. About 50% of farmers miss the targets for autumn build up of grass. August is a crucial month to build grass supply for autumn.

Current grass situation on farm (grass 10 bulletin 11/8/2020)


Target Farm Covers

We need to build c. 250kg DM per ha between here and September 1st

How do we ensure we will have enough grass on September 1st?

  • Increase your rotation length from 25 to 30 days
  • Spread fertiliser now

The increase in rotation length will not happen without the application of fertiliser.

The response to Nitrogen fertiliser diminishes rapidly during September in a normal year.


Blanket spreading of 30*40 units N/ac on most of the farm in the latter half of August needs to be carried out to ensure a build-up in grass supply.


Phosphorus (P) is essential for early spring growth. However, it needs to be available to the plant. P levels in the soil rise slowly compared to Potassium (K).

Have you met your grounds yearly phosphorus allowance?

Applying P in august and September will ensure its “ready” for the plant to use early next year. Spreading fertiliser containing Phosphorus (P) it needs to be applied before mid-September (regulation closing date).


The importance of soil Potassium (K) is something that has been overlooked on many dairy farms. Teagasc soil analysis indicate that up to half (48%) of fields on dairy farms across the country are deficient in soil K i.e. in index 1 or 2 for K. This is particularly the case on silage ground, which has a large demand for K.

Have you met your grounds yearly potassium allowance?

Use muriate of Potash (0:0:50) on low K fields. One bag per acre of muriate of potash will supply enough K to potentially jump your K index by 1. Unlike nitrogen and phosphorus, there is no restriction on the amount of K you can spread. Now and into the Autumn period is the best time of the year to spread K.

Please contact our Inside Sales Team on 022-31644 or you Area Sales Manager to formulate a late season fertiliser strategy that meets your farms requirements.

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