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Powered By Pegus -A Triumph in Equine Performance

Powered By Pegus -A Triumph in Equine Performance


The world of equestrian excellence is no stranger to local Irish talent, and in this story, we celebrate the remarkable journey of Mallow pony rider Ali Fitzpatrick. With her 8-year-old Connemara pony, Houndswood Moonbay, Ali clinched her first victory at the International Pony 2* event at Kilquilkey, marking a milestone in her riding career.


Mastering the Challenge

Ali’s journey at Kilquilkey International wasn’t just a simple victory – it was a testament to hard work, dedication, and a powerful partnership between rider and horse. The event demanded a range of skills, from dressage shoulder-ins judged by an international ground jury to conquering a challenging cross-country course designed by Ian Stark.


A Dynamic Partnership

The undeniable synergy between Ali and Houndswood Moonbay was the driving force behind their success. With the pair flying clear through the cross-country course within the allotted time, it was evident that their partnership was rooted in trust, communication, and a shared determination to conquer challenges.


A Triumph of Commitment

Sunday’s final Showjumping phase added an extra layer of complexity to the competition. The course, built and designed by none other than Tony Hurley, presented Ali and her pony with wet and slippy conditions that demanded nothing short of clear thinking and unwavering commitment. Ali’s prowess and Houndswood Moonbay’s agility were showcased as they navigated the obstacles with precision, securing a clear round within the time frame.


A Journey of Progress

Ali’s journey to victory has been marked by perseverance and a continuous pursuit of improvement. Starting from the humble grounds of 80cm training courses, Ali and Houndswood Moonbay’s progress through the ranks serves as an inspiration to aspiring equestrians and a reminder of the boundless potential that dedication holds.


Celebrating Club Success

Ali’s success resonates not only as an individual achievement but also as a testament to the thriving community that supports her. As a member of the Duhallow Pony Club, Ali’s triumph adds to the club’s string of successes. The Duhallow Pony Club’s achievements span various domains, from under-10s in Barnadown Tetrathlon Teams in the UK, showcasing their collective commitment to excellence.


A Nourishing Partnership

Behind every victory, there’s often a foundation of quality nutrition that powers both rider and horse. Ali Fitzpatrick’s triumphant journey is no exception, and the partnership between Ali and Houndswood Moonbay is powered by none other than Pegus. With meticulously crafted equine nutrition, Pegus contributes to the health, vitality, and performance of horses like Houndswood Moonbay, enabling them to tackle challenges with strength and resilience.


Ali Fitzpatrick’s victory at the International Pony 2* event is a testament to the power of partnership, dedication, and the support of a thriving equestrian community. As we celebrate her achievement, we’re reminded of the remarkable journey that Ali and Houndswood Moonbay have undertaken, fuelled not only by their unwavering commitment but also by the nourishing power of Pegus equine nutrition. This triumph is a symbol of the endless possibilities that await when passion, partnership, and quality nutrition come together in perfect harmony.


To learn more about how your horse can be “powered by Pegus” contact your local ASM today or Jane in Inside Sales at Dairygold on 022 31644

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