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Low Milk Protein

Low Milk Protein



Milk proteins at farm level are currently approaching the yearly low point for milk protein.


Every 0.1% increase in milk protein annually is worth c.€5000 for the average supplier

(100 cow herd, February 2024 milk price)


To keep protein % as high as possible:

  • Feed the highest energy forage possible.  Grass is 20% higher in energy than silage.  Prioritize the feeding of grass when the weather allows.


  • Feed a balanced level of concentrates for your cows’ milk yield.  A 25ltr cow on 70DMD silage needs 7kg of concentrates to meet her energy demands.


  • For every +/- 5 units in DMD you can decrease or increase concentrates by 1.5kg.


  • For every +/-2 litre change in milk yield decrease or increase concentrates by 1kg.


  • If you’re letting your cows out to grass for 6 hours with a belly full of grass silage your cows will eat c.6kg DM grass and you can drop your concentrate feeding levels by 1.5kg.


  • It is possible to get higher grass intake into cows allowed c.4 hours grazing, but a specific on-off grazing plan has to be implemented.


  • If milk protein % is low feed more concentrates and/or get more grass into your cows


  • If milk protein % is low, your cows energy intake is low, she is losing weight and this may affect 2024 fertility performance.



For more information contact your local ASM today