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Dairygold Agribusiness helping you overcome the current weather challenges

Dairygold Agribusiness helping you overcome the current weather challenges





Heavy rain has made grazing conditions next to impossible in the short-term.  The forecast for the coming week is showery with little improvement expected in ground conditions.  Silage stocks in some areas are under increasing pressure, with more silage being seen on the roads every day, and we mustn’t forget that right now is a vital time for our cows and their 3 early lactation priorities.


  1. Going back in calf.
  2. Maintaining milk proteins as high as possible.
  3. Achieving an appropriate peak milk yield.

There is plenty grass around and we must endeavor to graze every day that ground conditions allow.  Grass will help your cows achieve her 3 priorities.  When conditions improve be ready to go.

However, in response to the current situation Dairygold Agribusiness are:

  •  Introducing a Fodder Stretch ration. This ration is a 13.5% protein and is designed to replace grass silage in your milking cows’ diets.
  • The Fodder stretcher ration is offered at the discounted price and will offer you value versus buying grass silage.
  • Contact your local ASM for more information.
  • T&C’s apply


Replacing silage in diets:

The average dairy cow milking 25 ltrs, on the average silage of 68DMD, should be getting 8kg concentrates to meet her energy demand.  This cow will be eating c.40kg of grass silage daily.

1 kg of the fodder stretcher ration will replace 5kg of grass silage or drop her grass silage intake by 12.5%. 2kg of additional concentrates will drop her grass silage intake by 25%. 4kg of additional concentrates will drop her grass silage intake by 50%.


Minimum amount of silage needed in the diet:

A minimum level of forage is essential to maintain rumen function. Where forage is very tight and meals are good value, the minimum forage that can be fed in terms dry matter is 1% of body weight. For example, a 600kg cow must get 6kgs DM roughage per day (600 x 1/100).  Keep an eye on milk butterfats.  If your gone over the top for concentrates butterfats will crash.


Diet to replace 50% of the silage for a 25ltr cow on 68 DMD silage:

8kg Dairy feed in the parlour

4kg of hulls from the port

Silage to appetite (just about ok for forage, keep an eye on butterfats)


How much is a €45 round bales costing per 1000UFLs on a DM basis:

A round bales is typically 800kg. A €45 bale is costing €56 for a ton of silage.

Assuming the Dry Matter of that silage is 25% (a lot of wetter made last year), that Tn of silage is costing €225 per Tn of Dry Matter.

Assuming 10% losses at feed out, that Tn of silage is costing €250 per Tn DM after losses.

Assuming the silage is 64DMD with a UFL content of 0.7, that Tn of silage is costing €352 per 1000 UFLs on a DM basis after losses.

This final figure will vary up and down depending on DM of the silage you are buying and its DMD or UFL content.

Wet 2nd cut from last year will be considerable dearer when costed on a DM and UFL basis.


Cost per bale delivered €50 €45 €40 €35
DM Cost per 1000 UFLs from bales
64 DMD 25% €391 €352 €313 €274
20% €489 €440 €391 €342
68 DMD 25% €365 €329 €292 €256
20% €457 €411 €365 €320
72 DMD 25% €343 €309 €274 €240
20% €429 €386 €343 €300


If you need any queries on:

  • How to navigate this challenging period,
  • Any of the products on offer,
  • How to set up your cow’s diets while ensuring her early lactation priorities are met,

please contact your local area sales manager, branch Agri lead or our inside sales team on 022-31644.