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Reseeding Update | Pierce Breen, Pallasgreen | 26th July 2018

Reseeding Update | Pierce Breen, Pallasgreen | 26th July 2018

By Liam Cronin B.Agr.Sc

Although farming is facing many uncertainties at the moment, this is an opportune time to upgrade those old and poached fields and give them a new lease of life. A devastating spring and a drought driven summer has led to many fields being damaged to such a state that reseeding is the only option.

This month we will look at the farm of Pierce Breen, Pallasgreen. For the last couple of years Pierce has been of the mind-set that the farm needed to be refreshed and upgraded, and reseeding has certainly delivered for him. This year another 8 acres is getting the treatment of which we will be following the progress throughout the summer.

Steps taken so far:

  1. The field was originally sprayed off with Round Up at full rate (6Litres/hectare) on the 22nd June. It was left for 1 week until grazed by the cows and then the heifers
  2. After this any persistently wet spots had stone drains inserted
  3. The field was then subsoiled 3 weeks after grazing
  4. Recent soil tests have shown the land to be highly acidic and as a result 3 tonne of lime was applied to combat this
  5. Next FYM was applied one day later
  6. Slurry was applied at a rate of 4000 gallons per acre and following on from this the ground was disced, harrowed
  7. A one-pass was used to sow the seed at a rate of 1 ½ bags per acre
  8. After sowing the field was rolled twice, once the day of the reseed and also the following morning.


Pierce intends to use the field for mainly grazing with typically one cut taken per year when the paddock goes strong. As a result of this he is using the Gold Assure No.3 Extend mix. To see the Gold Assure grass seed range Click Here.


We look forward to following the progress of this reseed throughout the season as the next step will be spraying for post emergence weeds. For more information on reseeding or grassland weed control contact your Area Sales Manager or Liam Cronin B.Agr.Sc, Grassland Specialist on 022-31644.