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Introducing Hi-Pro ECO LAC Autumn Extend

Introducing Hi-Pro ECO LAC Autumn Extend

As we approach the end of the lactation, we have altered the formulation of our tried and trusted Hi Pro ECO LAC range to ensure you get the maximum productivity from the concentrates you feed from now to drying off.

In late lactation the yield response from an additional kg of concentrates is typically 1kg of milk. With milk price under continued pressure it is imperative that we feed a concentrate that maximises milk yield response.

Autumn grass is lower in sugar content than its summer equivalent. Sugars/starch is required in the rumen to convert the protein from autumn grass into milk volume and protein content.

We have increased the inclusion of wheat/ barley and oats within Hi Pro EcoLac Autumn Extend. This will increase the overall starch content of the feed while maintaining rumen function. Increasing the starch level will:

  • improve the capture of nitrogen in the rumen
  • improve protein supply to the small intestine/mammary gland
  • give higher milk yield and milk protein response


Hi Pro EcoLac Autumn Extend has:

  • a high UFL, maximising milk yield response from every kg of concentrates fed,
  • a high inclusion of cereal, maximising rumen friendly starch levels. With autumn grass being low in sugars, a high level of starch is very important for driving on milk yield and milk protein %,
  • a good PDI balance to maximise yield response from every kg of concentrates,
  • a high inclusion of trace minerals and vitamins included pro-rata with the calmag. Ensuring your cows are dried off in an adequate mineral status and lowering the risk of grass tetany,
  • natural rumen modifier, called Agolin. Through the reduction of methane emissions, Agolin delivers c.5% increase on the typical yield response from every kg of concentrates fed.



Agolin is a blend of high quality plant active ingredients that alters the rumen bacterial population to lower methane emission, increase milk yield and improve cow fertility.


How it works:

Energy lost as methane can account for up to 8% of the gross energy you feed your cows. Preventing or lowering this loss makes more of this potential feed energy available for your cows. Your cow can then use this extra energy to:

  • produce more milk,
  • maintain body condition score,
  • go back in calf.


Reduced Methane losses is a positive from an environmental and a production standpoint.


Results from the Meta-analysis of 20+ animal trials

If you have any queries on Hi-Pro Ecolac Autumn Extend please contact our Inside Sales

Team on 022 31644, your local area sales manager or your branch agri lead.