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Dairygold Sustainable Fertilisers

Dairygold Sustainable Fertilisers

Liam Stack, M.Agr.Sc, Technical Manager for Dairygold Agri Business


  1. Protected Ureas:

Protected Urea products are c.10% cheaper per kg of N when compared to CAN. Teagasc research has shown that they grow the same levels of grass as CAN and Urea throughout the year while:

  • decreasing ammonia emissions by 80% when compared to Urea
  • decreasing greenhouse gas emission by 74% when compared to CAN.

Green on the environment and green on your pocket.


  1. Terra fertiliser range:

These are CAN based fertiliser with 22 units of nitrogen per bag. They are coated with an active ingredient; “PSI 362”; a carbohydrate from brown seaweed that grows in the north Atlantic Ocean. This active ingredient increases nitrogen uptake and nitrogen use efficiency, with trial work showing that despite being 22 units that they grow grass like straight CAN.


  1. Avail Phosphorus

AvailR Phosphorus is a water-soluble additive for granular phosphorus fertiliser that enables phosphate to remain free in the soil, allow for greater plant uptake.


  1. Sulphur

Sulphur is an essential nutrient for grass growth and is closely associated with Nitrogen uptake and efficiency.


Sulphur application has been shown to:

  • Increase grass silage protein content by 22%
  • Increase grass silage sugar content by 20%• Increase grass yield by 2t/ha/yr (€500/ha) and silage yields by over 3t/ha/yr (750/ha).



Sulphur Targets

⊲ 15 units S/acre across April to June on grazing ground

⊲ 15 units S/acre on 1st cut silage ground

⊲ 10 units S/acre on 2nd cut silage ground (Only required on lighter soil types)



  1. Sodium

Sodium increases the palatability of grazing grass – especially where slurry is being spread. Sweeter grass means tighter grazing and higher % grass utilisation.

Call your Area Sales Manager, local branch or Inside Sales on 022 31644 for more information