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Dairygold Malting Growers Visit Irish Distillers Midleton

Dairygold Malting Growers Visit Irish Distillers Midleton

29th November 2017

Following a successful tour of the Malting Company of Ireland tour in Togher, Cork last year Dairygold Malting Barley growers visited the Irish Distillers Limited (IDL) Jameson Distillery in Midleton, Co. Cork on Wednesday 29th November. The successful visit included a tour of the state of the art distillery in Midleton as well as hearing from Nial Griffey (Beef and Tillage Area Sales Manager, Dairygold), Paul Wickham (MD Irish Distillers Ltd.) and Rebecca Byrne (Purchaser, Irish Distillers Ltd.).

Nial Griffey gave a recap on 2017 for Dairygold growers noting the many on farm events that occurred as well as the launch of Malting Matters pull out of Trust in Tillage. Nial also highlighted the Soil Sampling programme that Dairygold will be running again this year. This programme includes getting your soil samples taken by one of our trained staff along with a specialised fertiliser plan for your farm. Contact Us for more info.

Rebecca Byrne spoke on the purchasing process involved in purchasing malt from their largest supplier in Cork, The Malting Company of Ireland (MCI). Dairygold is a part owner in MCI and Chairman of MCI and Dairygold board member Edmund Lynch was in attendance on the day.

Paul Wickham, General Manager Midleton Distillery, welcomed the attendees and gave a brief overview of Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard including its history, its people and its brands. This was then followed by a presentation about the day to day operations at Midleton Distillery and the process of making Irish Whiskey. After a quick safety overview, attendees then boarded coaches to visit the Distillery.

On arriving, the tour began at the grains intake, followed by a visit to the brewhouse and the Garden Stillhouse. The destination was one of the 45 maturation warehouses on site where the attendees were not only greeted by the impressive sight and aromas of 36,000 casks maturing, but also by Daniel Burke, Brand Ambassador who lead each group through the maturation process, with a special cask tasting to finish.

Attendees then returned to the Midleton Park for lunch and a chance to chat with the Diarygold team, as well as with Paul Wickham, Master Distiller Brian Nation and Cereals Buyer Rebecca Byrne.